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Voice Services
Morewave’s next generation Hosted and Non-Hosted IP PBX systems for small, medium, and large enterprises is designed to operate on a variety of applications, such as Auto-attendant, Voice Conference, Voice mail, Voice mail to Email, Fax to Email, Call Transfer, Call Forward, Call pick up and IP-based commu- nications.

With flexible and full functionality, Morewave’s IP PBX gives a complete transition from traditional PBX to the new generation IP-PBX. A big advantage of using hosted services such as Centrex is that you don't have to make the initial capital investment in expensive equipment. Further, you don't need anyone on staff to maintain and troubleshoot it - all of the equipment resides at Morewave's site.

These can be important factors for a growing business on a tight budget. This makes for a scalable solution as well, since Morewave usually has the means to upgrade your service easily as you add more users or need more sophisticated features. The number of users is almost unlimited with a hosted service, whereas when you use an on-site PBX or IP PBX, the hardware and/or software can limit the number of phones that can connect to the system.
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