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Managed Enterprise VoIP
VoIP Phone service is growing in popularity. Many of the drawbacks seen when it was first introduced have been addressed by improvements in equipment and ISP connectivity. Not every business may be a candidate for VoIP, but a growing number are choosing to use this digital-based phone service option to enjoy reduced rates and improved productivity, as well as scalability for future growth.
A Comparison of VoIP and Traditional Phone Service
  Traditional Phone Service VoIP Phone Service
Voice Quality Excellent Good to excellent, varies; with provider, internet connection, and equipment. Many business VoIP providers will provide a guaranteed QOS for excellent voice quality.
# of Dropped Calls Rare Isolated to rare; some loss of data if heavy data traffic present unless provider guarantees service.
Coverage Worldwide Worldwide
Bandwidth usage Inefficient Very efficient
Long Distance Rates Vary; can be costly Relatively inexpensive; free if within network
Maintenance Costs High, due to aging infrastructure, high cost of copper, etc. Low, due to relatively light infrastructure
Why choose a Morewave Managed VoIP Service?
  • Unbeatable Return On Investment
  • No Hard / Soft User Limits
  • Truly Open Standards
  • Wide Choice of Phones
  • High Performance Solid State PBX Hardware
  • Morewave Access is based on both PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network ) land lines and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to provide complete circuit fail over, unlimited local and remote users connectivity as well as unlimited access to outgoing calling capability, the only limitation is the number of phones in your office.
  • No need to purchase the IP PBX hardware, Morewave will supply, install, configure, maintain, and support your VoIP  system for a simple monthly fee. All you have to purchase / lease is your phone sets
Call or email Morewave to have an assessment of your needs and determine how Morewave's Enterprise VoIP  may be a viable solution for your organization.
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