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Hosted PBX solution for small, medium, and large businesses.
Hosted PBX manages your business telecommunication system in a completely professional manner using powerful voice over IP features. Feature-rich Business Commu- nication Systems

Hosted PBX phone systems are integrated with all the features of expensive premise based PBX systems. These include auto attendant, find me follow me call forwarding, call transfer (Internal & external), call conferencing, caller identity, voice mail, voice to Email, fax to Email, music on hold and many many more.

The auto attendant integrated in the system manages all your business calls with professionally created greeting messages. It also offers the callers a list of options such as dial-by-department, dial-by-extension and more. Based on the option selected by the user, the calls are routed to the appropriate destinations. You Never Miss Any Important business call.

With the help of find me follow me call forwarding feature, the incoming call can be routed to the set of alternate numbers of the employees including cell phone numbers. This completely eliminates any possibility of missing important business calls. The system even routes the unanswered calls to the voice mail box of the employees and sends an email attachment with the voice mail message which can be play on the PC or black berry device.

By using all these highly sophisticated features your business can be operated from any location and still create the impression that you are answering from your corporate office. It also enables you to maintain constant contact with your workforce placed at different locations using a single phone number. The system can manage multiple calls at the same time without giving busy signals to the callers.

When implementing a hosted PBX system, you are not required to install or maintain any expensive equipment in your office. All you need is a Digital / IP phone set (IP Phones / ATAs Selection & Prices). If you also need to connect an analog phone to this system,  an ATA device is required (Analog Terminal Adapter).

All other required equipment are kept at Morewave site. The PBX services are offered through high end hosted servers with the help of triple homed Telephone Networks and High Speed Internet Fiber Access.
Monthly Service Fee
VoIP Line (Dial Tone Service) - VoiceWave 1 $24.95 + $0.03/min (1+ dialing)
Number of Extensions 3 Included
Primary Phone number 1 Included (Local and Toll Free  #)
Setup Fee FREE
Optional Add-ons
Additional Extensions $5.00/mo ea.
Additional local or Toll Free phone numbers for extensions $10.00/mo ea.
VoIP Line (Dial Tone Service) – VoiceWave 2 $44.95 Unlimited Canada & US Calling
Port Existing Number $25.00 One time
E-Fax Service (Web based send/receive) $19.95/month
System Features
Unlimited Scalability Yes
Music/Info on Hold Yes
Call Blocking Yes
Call Detail Records Yes
Personalized Greetings & Recordings Yes
E-Mail & Web Voice mail Delivery Free / Included
How do Hosted PBX's work?
Your existing local number or toll free number is redirected to our hosted servers which manage all the calls. Incoming calls are handled through the auto attendant and routed directly to local extensions or remote phone numbers (home office, cell or pager). The system works much like a premise based PBX without the need to buy and maintain a central switch.
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